Larwood Covered Bridge

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The Larwood Covered Bridge was built in 1939 with the Howe truss design and spans 105 feet across Crabtree Creek. The covered span is located next to the Larwood Wayside Park. (Click on the images for larger views.)

A unique feature also at this site is the Roaring River, which empties into Crabtree Creek near the bridge. Roaring River is the only river to flow into a creek; an oddity in U. S. geography that was featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. (Creeks flow into rivers, and not the other way around.)

The attractive Larwood Bridge was built to Highway Commission specifications, which included standard partially exposed trusses, white-wash interior and rounded portals.

The Larwood community was named for William Larwood, who settled on the banks of Crabtree Creek and Roaring River in 1888. He platted the little town, built a store and blacksmith shop, and operated a post office from 1893 to 1903.

A prior covered bridge was built about this time over Crabtree Creek, and for a while, covered bridges spanned Roaring River and Crabtree Creek just a few feet apart.

The town and old covered bridges are gone, but the rebuilt water powered mill (which has recently collapsed in a storm. vrg) and the present covered bridge are reminders of the area’s previous activities.

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