Hoffman Covered Bridge

Hoffman CB #1 sm
Hoffman #2 sm

The Hoffman Covered Bridge was built in 1936 with the Howe truss design and spans 90 feet across Crabtree Creek. (Click on the images for larger views.)

Gothic style windows grace this structure, instead of the usual open truss design.

This bridge is one mile northeast of the town of Crabtree. Both the town and the creek were named for John Crabtree, who settled in the area in 1845.

The portal design, originally rounded when the bridge was constructed, was enlarged and squared to allow passage of larger loads.

The upper chords show signs of being shaped with hand adzes and as most bridge crews in 1936 had yet to use power tools, logs were often cut nearby and shaped before placement.

The Crabtree Creek setting of Hoffman bridge can make an afternoon experience of swimming a venture into the past. At Hoffman it is easy to see families along the sandy shore picnicking and enjoying the water on a hot Sunday afternoon.

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